Henry Gantt – Biography and History

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Henry Gantt History/Background

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Henry Gantt

Henry Laurence Gantt worked as a management consultant while possessing a background as a mechanical engineer by trade.  Henry Gantt is known for creating his posthumously eponymous, easily-viewed scheduling and monitoring diagram. One creates Gantt Charts to communicate the planned and actual project progress.  A commonly accepted project management instrument these days, it was an innovation of world-wide significance in 1920, founded on Mr. Gantt’s work while ship building during WWI. Changing project management history forever, Gantt charts have subsequently been used to schedule and monitor large construction projects like the Hoover Dam started in 1931 and the Eisenhower highway network launched in 1956.

Henry L. Gantt Biography

Henry Laurence Gantt was born in Calvert County, Maryland, USA in 1861. Precise birth records were not maintained that long ago, so his exact date of birth is a bit of a mystery. He graduated from McDonogh School in 1878 and Johns Hopkins College. After working as a teacher and draftsman, he pursued mechanical engineering. In 1887, he joined Frederick W. Taylor in the leveraging the theory of scientific management of Midvale Steel and Bethlehem Steel, where they worked together until 1893.

Later in his career as a management consultant, in addition to the Gantt charts, he further made scientific management history by devising the ‘task and bonus’  system.  The theory behind this ‘task and bonus’ method of wage payment (1901) was that it would create greater worker efficiency and productivity by rewarding the tasks monitored via Gantt charts.  Directly countering the piece work pay system of Taylor, which also penalized poor performance, Henry Gantt’s method allowed workers to earn their regular rate with an additional bonus for accomplishing their target productivity.  This allowed workers to maintain a stable salary while they were learning the job, and rewarded them for leveraging this additional proficiency as they became more skilled.  Further, managers within the organization were rewarded based upon the productivity of those assigned to them, so it was also in the best interest of those managers to ensure that their team were skilled, competent, and happy with their jobs.

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    I suspect you are mis-characterizing Mr. Gantt when you call his chart design “self-named”. You might mean “eponymous” but you imply that he did the naming. I doubt that is the case.

    He was a modest man who expected facts and reality to speak for themselves and was not likely to insist that such a logical method of creating task dependency charts should be called by his name.

    The situation reminds me of when I took computer science classes from Dr. David Huffman. Every course he taught had a reference to “minimum redundancy coding” but you would never hear the industry standard term, “Huffman Coding” from him.

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  17. Jacinto Says:

    When was henry gantt born and what day or year?

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    Jacinto, Henry Gantt was born in 1861. The official records don’t have a “birthday” for him, but we do know how old he was when he died, so we computed his birth year.

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